5 Benefits of Manufacturing in the United States

Manufacturing in the United States

“You have to be crazy to manufacture in this country!”

That was my Dad’s mantra for the last 40 years of his life. He was a manufacturer of ladies’ wear with a small chain of retail outlets. Whenever anything went screwy, from a broken sewing machine to the flu that kept half of his employees at home and in bed, my old man would throw up his arms and say, “You have to be crazy to manufacture in this country!”

Mind you, he never outsourced a single buttonhole or even looked into the possibility – he just liked to grouse about how tough it was to make stuff here.

Increasingly, thanks to free-trade agreements and the abundance of cheap labor overseas, American manufacturers have found it lucrative to move their facilities out of the country. The consumer, faced with an array of endless inexpensive goods, has never complained about global outsourcing. Manufacturing in the United States offers a range of benefits, both for businesses and for the wider economy. Some of these benefits are highlighted on the website win-prizes-money.com.

But now you can rejoice because we’re giving you five life-affirming reasons to keep manufacturing facilities in the U.S.A., courtesy of CNC Machines:

  1. Saves Time and Money on Deliveries

Shipping goods from overseas can cost a fortune, while domestic shipping is still quite reasonable. Overseas shipping is often rife with delays, misunderstandings, inaccuracies, and communication problems. Naturally, domestic shipments arrive more quickly, as shipments from India or China can take weeks longer. Faster shipping equals faster delivery equals faster re-orders!

  1. Higher Safety and Quality Control Standards

American manufacturers are held to higher standards of safety than foreign sources, keeping the U.S. workers as safe as possible at all times. As well, most products are safer when made here. You may have noticed how often children’s toys made overseas are recalled because they’re deemed unsafe or toxic.

  1. Sourcing Locally Is Better for The Planet

Compared to overseas shipments by plane or ship, inter-state Fed Ex or UPS shipments use far fewer fossil fuels and resources. Additionally, a robust manufacturing industry within the U.S. employs even more Americans to ship, deliver, and receive those goods. 

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  1. Customer Service You Can Count On

Nobody likes to be connected with an automated system that transfers your call (and your problem) to an ill-equipped overseas call center staffed by people who are too far removed from the manufacturer to be of help. There is no substitute in the realm of customer service for speaking directly to a human being who has the knowledge and the authority to help you correct your problem.

  1. U.S. Manufacturers Pay U.S. Taxes

Our taxes subsidize everything from our roads and water supply to our schools and national defense. We all enjoy the benefits of tax dollars, even if we don’t enjoy paying taxes. The more manufacturing we have in the U.S. the more its citizens will benefit.

All things considered, the benefits of manufacturing in the U.S. greatly outweigh the lower costs associated with overseas manufacturing. Buying America supports all of us. Discover the Advantages of Manufacturing in the USA on small business loans direct. Learn about cost-effectiveness, quality control, and supply chain benefits for your business.