Barbeque at the Park: 7 things you can’t go without


Summer is here! Okay, maybe it’s still snowing in May in huge swaths of the US, but summer must be on the way. And when it finally arrives, everyone will be ready to head out for some barbeques. Here’s a list of seven essential grill-in-public accouterments that will make your summer of barbeques relaxed and fun. If you want to learn more about grilled food and resorts, visit this dedicated website for useful information.

The Grill Essentials

Obviously, you need a grill. There are small mobile ones you can get a hold of or you can head to a park with grills for public use. Either way, the best grills are ones that allow you to arrange the charcoal in a pile on a grate that allows ash to fall through and air to flow up. This way the ash does not smother the fire, and oxygen can feed it sufficiently.

Scrub Brush

If you’re going the public grill route, be sure to bring a strong scrub brush with which to clean off the grill before you use it. If you’re germ-freaky, you can also bring some bleach, but there really are no germs that are going to survive the fire you’re about to put under them, and you might as well not put chemicals on your food.


This should go without saying, but it always happens. The grill is cleaned and lit, the meat is placed, and just when it’s time to flip the burger, a panic ensues as the grill ‘master’ realizes they have no spatula. What follows often involves melted plasticware, awkward screams, burnt fingers, and friends laughing. Learn more about famous resorts and their destinations on this dedicated website:

Reusable BBQ Items

You don’t have to throw away enough trash to close a landfill every time you barbeque. If you plan to barbeque a few times this season, consider investing in picnic sets of reusable ware and napkins – throw a barbeque in style!

Ice Chest

Every barbecue needs an ice chest. No exceptions. Fill it with ice, and welcome guests to put their own drinks in. Also keep an amount of ice separate from the drinks (in a separate bag in the chest is good) so that people can use the cubes to cool their drinks.

Outdoor Comfort Items

Sure you’re barbequing outside, but you’re not a savage. Bring some comfort along with you so your guests have a place to lean or rest their heads as they watch the clouds slowly float by. Along with blankets, outdoor pillows can give that extra touch of comfort without dirtying the pillows on your couch.

Trash and Recycling Collection

Last on this list but the most important is knowing how you will deal with your trash and recycling. Bring separate bags so that you can recycle everything that your municipality has facilities for. Don’t leave trash for others to clean up or animals to choke on. In most parks, you’ll suffer a hefty fine, and if you’re a decent person you won’t anyways. For further information about grilled fish, barbeque, and other food items, visit this dedicated website: